Obsession and repetition are the driving forces behind my studio practice. They enable me to analyze the psychosexual aspects of queer experience and gender expression, which focuses my work on the complex relationship between sexuality and religion. Though sometimes overwhelming, the dichotomy between my queer identity and my repressive Catholic upbringing dictates the form of my work. My anxiety relative to this narrative manifests itself through densely patterned imagery. Through the process of making my work, I rebuild personal strength by rearranging images of the body into highly structured pieces. The erotic photographs that fill these patterns represent the release of freedom through their alluring sexual confidence. There is an inherent mystery in each piece, which reflects the private nature queer stories take on in the face of a society that often finds this identity morally abject.

I merge photography, printmaking, and fiber processes using abstraction as a guiding framework, and find that this abstraction transcends the limitations of the flesh. My background in material studies brought me to experimental places, teaching myself to master processes with the intent of inventing alternative modes of making, subverting those traditions. I start by taking a series of photographs of my body in a filmic and performative manner. By slicing up images of my own body and laying them in a quiltlike structure, I share bits and pieces of these ritualistic moments of carnal honesty. The scale of my work varies, but all pieces hold a sacred quality, as if you are peering in on something you shouldn’t see. The psychological lens through which I create my work reflects my own mental androgyny. Each piece is both masculine (orderly and rigid) and feminine (emotional and intuitive) in technique and concept. This complexity comes out in the multi-layered, labor intensive approach of my work. I urge the viewer to look closer in the face of heavily packed visuals, and present the idea that there is more to gain than what is easily designated or seen at a distance.