My work centers on the erotic and its emotional and psychological complexities. This is fueled by my experience growing up queer in a culture governed by Catholic morality. This upbringing instilled in me a particular interest in gender expression and sexuality acting as declarations of honesty in defiance of masked truths. My work depicts distortions of the body, erotic gestures, intimate moments, and gender archetypes revealed through my own photographs. Working with dense, pattern-based compositions allows me to symbolically represent the tense conflict between societal standards of classification and raw personal emotions.

I merge photography, printmaking, and fiber processes using abstraction as a guiding framework. I find that this abstraction transcends the limitations of the flesh. My background in material studies brought me to experimental places, teaching myself to master processes with the intent of inventing alternative modes of making. The scale of my work varies, but all pieces hold a sacred quality, as if you are peering in on something you shouldn’t see. The psychological lens through which I create my work reflects my own mental androgyny. Each piece is both masculine (orderly and rigid) and feminine (emotional and intuitive) in technique and concept. I urge the viewer to look closer in the face of heavily packed visuals, and present the idea that there is more to gain than what is easily designated or seen at a distance.